Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions and policies are for the customers of DFW QUICK LIMO who make reservations with us or get quotes. Making a reservation with us means you understand and clearly agree the following terms, conditions and policies. It also means you allow us to charge your credit card according to the agreed rates. The payment may be in full for all charges relating to your reservation, including, but not limited to, charging your credit card in full for the reservation should you be considered a no-show.

If the vehicle is not according to your requirements as discussed with us, please cancel or let us know before using the vehicle. If you do not use the vehicle, which means you do not enter the vehicle before cancellation period, the service will be considered as service provided and we may charge the full fees.


  • The customer who paid for the reservation is responsible for the charges in case of damages made by the customer and/or cleaning charges incurred.The damages and cleaning charges are include but not limited to the following:
  • Cleaning Fee due to Vomiting or Sickness: $300/Incident
  • Cleaning Fee due to Alcohol Spilling: $250/Incident
  • Damaged/Broken Glassware: $50/Replacement Set
  • Tears at Upholstery: $500-1,000/Incident for Replacement or Repair
  • Burns: $500/ Incident for Replacement or Repair),
  • Opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object: $1,500-2,000 or actual amount will be billed per the Repair Fee and time out of service for the vehicle.


DFQ QUICK LIMO has the right to change or upgrade a vehicle request to meet a client’s reservation needs at no extra charge to the client if found necessary.


Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited in the vehicle, and alcohol consumption by person’s age 21 or older is prohibited if persons under the age of 21 are present on vehicle. Company reserves the right to check the identification of any passenger on the vehicle at any time and for any purpose whatsoever. Company reserves the right to refuse service to persons that appear to be under the influence of drugs and or unable to care for one’s self, or are objectionable to another passenger. No person may use any illegal narcotics or controlled substances in the vehicle. In the event of underage alcohol consumption or illegal drug use, the service will be terminated immediately and without refund. Client shall be responsible and shall pay for all fines and penalties assessed by state and/or local authorities as a result of the violation of any law by the client.

Drug use and smoking in the vehicle is prohibited by law. All contraband and items considered weapons are strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Company reserves the right to inspect all belongings of minors for alcohol and contraband.

Any fines that Company is charged due to the actions of Client will be charged to the credit card of Client on file. These include but are not limited to fines related to underage drinking, over capacity, jumping on top of the vehicle, and throwing trash/littering out of the vehicle.


We reserve the right to terminate any reservation without refunding the fee if we feel that the customer is putting the us, the vehicle or the mode of transportation in danger of injury. Similarly, if the customer or the party representing the customer has the possession of any unlawful material and/or substances, the service will be terminated immediately and charged the full fee of the reservation without any exception.

We have the right to terminate service for any form of abuse, behavior deemed inappropriate, or reservations terms breach, without refund. In case of misconduct, drug use, or any other violation of this reservation by Client or member’s of Clients party, or if Driver is or feels threatened or otherwise deems the party unruly or endangering the safe operation of the vehicle. Driver has the right to terminate this reservation without any refunds and drop passengers off at the nearest safe location. Company also reserves the right to expel any person from the vehicle for any reason mentioned above or any other misconduct.


Any charges during the ride, including, but not limited to road tolls, parking, airport fees and luggage carts will be added to the final bill or invoice.

There may be a surcharge in service so that we may create an incentive for our chauffeurs to be available during these times.

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Any other such holidays


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

All agreed charges and gratuities will be billed to your credit card. Credit Cards are charged after the service is provided unless otherwise stated for special occasions or events.


We are not responsible for items that are lost or left in the vehicle and/or damaged. In case of items left in the vehicle, we reserve the right to charge a delivery fee for returning the items if found. In such a case, we will charge the normal vehicle reservation rates applicable to the routes plus 20% additional chauffeur gratuity and any other applicable taxes, tolls and fuel fees.


Hourly orders are billed at the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for. If the vehicle time is extended it is billed in ½ hour increments thereafter.  Minimum posted number of hours is only the minimum number of hours we will accept an order for.


Our service requires that all changes to the reservation be received by phone at least 4 hours before pick up time. If, due to some reason, a change requested in the reservation cannot be accepted or made and results in a cancellation of the reservation, the customer will be charged a full fare including gratuity for the trip. All changes must be made with a Customer Service Representative by calling +1 (972)-854-2477. Changes made for Coach Bus reservations must be made within 48 hours prior to pickup. If a change cannot be accommodated and results in a cancellation you will be charged full fare including gratuity for the trip.

Drivers cannot exceed the number of passengers allowed in each limo. This violates state law and against our insurance guidelines.


You may cancel your prearranged reservation(s) prior to reservation time to avoid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fee waiver depends on the vehicle types.

For some vehicle types, advance deposit is necessary. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

We accept cancellations only by phone only at +1 (972)-854-2477.

  • If you want to cancel Sedan / SUV reservation, you are required to inform us at least 7 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time to avoid charges.
  • For stretch limousines and hummer limousine cancellation notice should be sent at least 14 days before the scheduled pickup time to avoid any charges.
  • Coach buses, mini buses, motor coaches, party buses, sprinters vans require also require a 14-day notice before the scheduled pickup time to avoid charges. Worldwide reservations outside the United States require 24-hour notice before the scheduled pickup time to avoid charges.

If the Client attempts to cancel the reservation, after pick up has occurred, Company is authorized to charge the credit card of Client on file the remaining balance in full.

We will provide a cancellation confirmation number when the customer calls to inform about the cancellation. It is important that you retain the cancellation number for any references.

Failure to contact us to cancel your reservation in 4 hours, we will charge the full bill including gratuity.

To cancel Coach Bus reservations, we must be informed about the cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled pickup time. Failure to inform us on time will result in full trip charges including gratuity.


  • Company will not be responsible for injuries due to physical altercations between passengers or due to intoxication.
  • Our Chauffeurs or drivers are not allowed to exceed the maximum seat capacity of passengers in vehicles. As this violates state law and is against our insurance guidelines, we do not allow passengers more than allowed capacity.
  • Every vehicle client hires may possibly have mileage restrictions.
  • Company is not responsible for service delay due to the reasons and situations not in our control. These may include but not limited to traffic congestion, road conditions, vehicle malfunctions and bad weather


Please note that the billed fees and rates will be subject to audit once order completed. The audit is conducted for all fees including actual taxes, parking fee, tolls and fees for additional stops, etc. Reservations based on hourly jobs will be charged on the basis of number of hours for which you ordered the vehicle and thereafter in ½ hour increments. Minimum numbers of ours charged at the time of reservation are only part of acceptance of the order.